My pal Julie modeled for another one of my projects! The requirements for this project were that we go outside and use a single softbox to provide a lighting source.

Our setup: Me and Julie carried  a strobe light, tripod, large softbox, remotes, and our cameras outside onto our school’s campus. We chose a spot by the gazebo – next to a large, picturesque tree. We figured out how to connect the remotes to the strobe and my camera (so the light would be synced with my camera) and began shooting. I kept the softbox really close to Julie, because the natural light outside was already pretty bright, and we wanted the effect of the strobe to be visibly present in the photos. It was a challenge to take the photos, because the place we were shooting was on a slight incline, which caused the tripod to lean a little; at the same time, there was also strong gusts of wind from time to time, which threatened to blow the softbox down! Thankfully, Julie is a wonderful model, so I was able to get the images I needed in just one photo-shoot session.